About this site

This site provides an opportunity for Dennis and his friends to discuss anything of interest, or potential interest.

This is only one of three sites that Dennis and friends may be interested in.  The original site is dennislandis.com, and is mostly information and photographs.  To this we added a second site, photos.dennislandis.com, for people who wanted to go directly to some photographic collections without wading through text.  This site allows for easier exchange of information and ideas.

To view recent conversations, choose ‘Thoughts’ from the menu, above.

2 thoughts on “About this site”

  1. I am one of Dennis ex-neurology resident and clinical fellow from Case Western.

    I just came across your web site tonight. I enjoyed browsing through the web site and I am happy that Michael, your son, helped in making this happen. different side of you.

    Best wishes of health and happiness to you and to Story

    Osama Zaidat
    Medical College of Wisconsin.

  2. Michael Maguire said:

    Dennis and Story, Congrats on a well-deserved retirement. I’m jealous of a life in Maine. I’m actually writing however to get an email for Story so I can send information on the inaugural Les Webster Lectureship this summer to which I hope you will send congratulations. Best wishes, Mike

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