About Dennis

Husband, father, physician, photographer, and friend.

I have withdrawn from my profession as an academic physician, and I am beginning to appreciate the importance of so many other things in my life.  It’s an interesting transition.  For a very long time, a substantial portion of my sense of self-worth derived from academic and professional success.  Now I am realizing that I have been sustained by many things, though I may not have been aware of them.

For nearly fifty years I am the husband of Elizabeth Story Cleland Landis.  We met and married while I was at Harvard Medical School, and she was preparing to enter Harvard Graduate School.  My daughter Heather lives in Texas and our son Michael is in Philadelphia.  Heather and her husband Bruce have raised three wonderful and accomplished children, Blake, Brooke, and Brynne.  Story has retired from a hugely successful service as Director of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.  I have retired from my position as a Professor of Neurology at Georgetown University and a  member of the Undiagnosed Diseases Program at the NIH.  I learned the mechanics of photography in the process of acquiring research skills with an electron microscope, and I have been acquiring images ever since.  Now that time is more flexible, some of the photographs are finding their way into books and websites.  Story and I have close friends, who live all over the country, and who are very important to us.

This blog site was suggested by Michael, my son.